Episode 7 | American Road Trip Pretty Cities

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American Road Trip Pretty Cities

In this musical road trip we present a sampling of your favorite songs about American cities.
We’ll be “Dancing in the Streets” in “New York, New York” and meet in St. Louis for a journey to “Kansas City” and “Galveston.”  Or maybe Chicago is you’re kind of town?  If you love L.A. or left your heart in San Francisco, you’ll enjoy this show!



Downtown | Petula Clark (00:00:47)
New York, New York | Frank Sinatra (00:03:48)
Shuffle Off to Buffalo | The McGuire Sisters (00:07:30)
Dirty Water | The Standells (00:09:54)
Please Come to Boston | Dave Loggins (00:12:50)
America | Simon & Garfunkel (00:16:56)
Philadelphia Freedom | Elton John (00:20:30)
Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme) | Bill Conti (00:25:51)
I Love Pittsburgh | Jimmy Sapienza & the Trinity Jazz Orchestra (00:28:47)
Who Says You Can’t Go Home | Bon Jovi & Jennifer Nettles (00:33:13)
Moonlight Feels Right | Starbuck (00:36:58)
Love Shack | B-52’s (00:40:35)
Moon Over Miami | Ray Charles (00:45:51)
Southern Nights | Glen Campbell (00:49:07)
Sweet City Woman | The Stampeders (00:52:00)
Jackson | Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash (00:55:21)
City of New Orleans | Arlo Guthrie (00:58:10)
Chattanooga Choo Choo | The Andrews Sisters (01:02:38)
Memphis, Tennessee | Johnny Rivers (01:05:28)
Burn On | Randy Newman (01:08:44)
Dancing in the Streets | Martha & the Vandellas (01:11:19)
Small Town | John Mellencamp (01:14:02)
Little Green Apples | O.C. Smith (01:17:38)
My Cousin in Milwaukee | Ella Fitzgerald (01:21:32)
Till There was You | The Beatles (01:24:37)
My Kind of Town | Frank Sinatra (01:27:13)
Sweet Home Chicago | The Blues Brothers (01:30:19)
Get Your Kicks on Route 66 | Nat King Cole (01:38:28)
Omaha | Waylon Jennings (01:41:27)
Meet Me in St. Louis | Judy Garland (01:44:06)
Kansas City | Wilbert Harrison (01:46:16)
Wichita Lineman | Glen Campbell (01:48:39)
Okie From Muskogee | Merle Haggard (01:51:53)
Amarillo by Morning | George Strait (01:54:33)
El Paso | Marty Robbins (01:57:06)
Austin | Blake Shelton (02:01:26)
San Antone | Denny Brooks (02:05:10)
Dallas | The Flatlanders (02:07:42)
Galveston | Glen Campbell (02:10:55)
By the Time I Get to Phoenix | Glen Campbell (02:13:30)
Take It Easy | Eagles (02:16:08)
Santa Fe | The Bellamy Brothers (02:19:36)
Salt Lake City | The Beach Boys (02:23:22)
Aspenglow | John Denver (02:25:23)
Denver | Willie Nelson (02:27:34)
On the Road Again | Willie Nelson (02:28:22)
Viva Las Vegas | Elvis Presley (02:30:45)
Seattle | Perry Como (02:33:31)
City of Roses | Esperanza Spalding (02:36:20)
North to Alaska | Johnny Horton (02:40:47)
Island Style | John Cruz (02:43:39)
Do You Know the Way to San Jose? | Dionne Warwick (02:47:54)
I Love L.A. | Randy Newman (02:51:06)
99 Miles From L.A. | Art Garfunkel (02:54:34)
I Left My Heart in San Francisco | Tony Bennett (02:58:15)



Show Script

Hello and welcome back to LoveLane Radio, where we celebrate life with love and joy.  I’m your host Linda Davison.


In our last Show we took a musical tour of America’s 50 States and in this Episode I’d like to showcase songs about American Cities.  I wish we could play them all but for now I hope you enjoy this sampling of favorites and perhaps imagine a vacation to these destinations.  To get us in the mood for a City tour, here is the international hit written by Tony Hatch after his first trip to New York City.  From 1964, here is the lovely and talented Miss Petula Clark.


SONG 1 Downtown Petula Clark


Since we’re starting our musical journey in the Big Apple, let’s play the song heard every New Year’s Eve in Times Square.  Here he is, the Chairman of the Board.  Sing it, Frank!


SONG 2 New York, New York Frank Sinatra


Yes, we were doing our high kicks with that song!  New York City, known as Gotham by Batman buffs and Metropolis by Superman fans, is an amazing place and if you’ve watched movies like “An Affair To Remember” and “The Way We Were” you know that it’s also one of America’s most romantic Cities.


As the LoveLane heads through upstate New York, here’s an oldie but a goodie from the adorable McGuire Sisters.


SONG 3 Shuffle Off to Buffalo The McGuire Sisters


For our New England LoveLaners, here is a classic ode to Boston from The Standells.  When the Red Sox win at Fenway, this is their victory song!


SONG 4 Dirty Water The Standells


This next Boston song also extols the virtues of living in Denver and Los Angeles.  Here is a heartwarming song from Kenny Loggins’ cousin, Dave Loggins.


SONG 5 Please Come to Boston Dave Loggins


My eyes almost always well up when I hear this next song from Simon and Garfunkel, about two lovers traveling to Saginaw, Michigan and Pittsburgh.  I hope you are touched by this beautiful story, entitled “America.”


SONG 6 America Simon & Garfunkel


As our LoveLane tour continues through Pennsylvania, here are two favorite songs about Philadelphia.  The first is from Elton John and was written about tennis star Billie Jean King.  The second is Bill Conti’s legendary “Gonna Fly Now” theme from the movie, “Rocky.”  If you are ever lucky enough to visit Philadelphia, it is so joyful to hum this song as you run past the bronze Rocky statue and up the 72 steps of the stunning Philadelphia Museum of Art.  OK, I admit I walked the steps more than ran them but when you get to the top there is a commanding view of this historic and spectacular City.  I’m ready to return, here’s to Philly!


SONG 7 Philadelphia Freedom Elton John

SONG 8 Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme) Bill Conti


Before leaving Pennsylvania, let’s salute Pittsburgh, which has 3 rivers and is home to some of the smartest people in the country as well as some of America’s best sport teams.  From Jimmy Sapienza & The Trinity Jazz Orchestra, here is “I Love Pittsburgh.”


SONG 9 I Love Pittsburgh Jimmy Sapienza & The Trinity Jazz Orchestra


One of New Jersey’s famous residents is Bon Jovi, and his song about Middletown is entitled, “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.”


SONG 10 Who Says You Can’t Go Home Bon Jovi


The LoveLane now heads South to a tune for Baltimore.  I hope you enjoy the Atlanta band Starbuck’s rendition of “Moonlight Feels Right.”


SONG 11 Moonlight Feels Right Starbuck


Our musical City tour now joins the B-52 band as it travels to Atlanta in search of the “Love Shack”.  As the B-52’s would say, “Hop in my Chrysler, it’s as big as a whale, and it’s about to set sail!”


SONG 12 Love Shack B-52’s


LoveLane Radio continues our romantic journey to Miami, featuring the legendary Ray Charles. 


SONG 13 Moon Over Miami Ray Charles


Let’s have a julip or some sweet tea and visualize our Southern Cities with Glen Campbell and The Stampeders.


SONG 14 Southern Nights Glen Campbell

SONG 15 Sweet City Woman The Stampeders


One of the greatest romances in American musical history is the one between Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.  Here’s their fun hit record about Jackson, Mississippi.


SONG 16 Jackson Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash


Songwriter Steve Goodman wrote the following song about a well-loved train that ran from Chicago to New Orleans.  There are many impressive renditions of this tune but my favorite is by Woody Guthrie’s son Arlo.


SONG 17 City of New Orleans Arlo Guthrie


The LoveLane heads back a bit Northward to Tennessee.  Here are two hit songs about Cities in the Volunteer State, the first written by Oscar-winning songwriter Harry Warren and the second by the legendary Chuck Barry.  Performing these tunes are great American talents, The Andrews Sisters and Johnny Rivers.


SONG 18 Chattanooga Choo Choo The Andrews Sisters

SONG 19 Memphis, Tennessee Johnny Rivers


As our musical City tour arrives in Ohio, I’d like to play for you Randy Newman’s song about Cleveland, “Burn On.”  It chronicles the Cuyahoga River’s oil slick that caught fire in 1969.  Happily, the river has been revived and is now home to over 40 types of fish.  Many baseball fans love this song because it opens the movie “Major League,” which features a great cast including Bob Uecker.  Incidentally, Oscar-winning songwriter Randy Newman also composed and conducted the score for another beloved baseball movie, “The Natural” starring Robert Redford.  Here’s to great baseball movies and here’s to Cleveland, home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  From Randy Newman, “Burn On.”


SONG 20 Burn On Randy Newman


The LoveLane now travels to the Motor City, Detroit.  Time to get on your feet and dance to this classic tribute to America’s Cities from Martha & The Vandellas.


SONG 21 Dancing in the Streets Martha & The Vandellas


In addition to our Cities, LoveLane would also like to salute America’s small towns.  Here’s an anthem for his town of Bloomington, Indiana, from composer, singer and humanitarian John Mellencamp.  John, Willie Nelson, Neil Young and Dave Matthews are all advocates of Farm Aid, which helps family farmers throughout the nation.  Here’s John…


SONG 22 Small Town John Mellencamp


Next up is a sweet hit about Indianapolis and Minneapolis.  Here is O.C. Smith.


SONG 23 Little Green Apples O.C. Smith


The LoveLane musical tour of American Cities continues with the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald singing about Milwaukee, followed by the Beatles’ cover of Meredith Willson’s “Music Man” classic about the fictional town of River City, Iowa.  Paul McCartney, a fan of show tunes and standards, wanted to make the Beatles unique by recording many different types of music.


SONG 24 My Cousin in Milwaukee Ella Fitzgerald

SONG 25 Till There Was You The Beatles


Next up is the Windy City.  I lived in Chicago for a brief time and love to visit.  A taxi driver told me he had driven cabs in cities all over the world and the people of Chicago were his favorite.  As a salute to Chicago, here are two great songs:  One from Frank Sinatra, and the other from The Blues Brothers, which was featured in their film of the same name.  This movie has an all-star cast with Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi as the Brothers, and includes performances by music legends Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, James Brown, Cab Calloway and Chaka Khan.  Enjoy!


SONG 26 My Kind of Town Frank Sinatra

SONG 27 Sweet Home Chicago The Blues Brothers


U.S. Route 66, also known as the Will Rogers Highway, Main Street of America, and the Mother Road, was open from 1926 to 1985 and ran from Chicago to Los Angeles.  It served as a major path for people migrating West and also for millions of American road trips.  “Get Your Kicks on Route 66” was first recorded by Nat King Cole.  Although there have been some great covers, including Natalie Cole, it would be hard for anyone to sing it better than Nat.  Here’s his ode to American Cities and this historic Route, which I’d like to dedicate to my family.


SONG 28 Get Your Kicks on Route 66 Nat King Cole


The next stop on our tour is Omaha, Nebraska, and a song by the late, great Mr. Waylon Jennings.


SONG 29 Omaha Waylon Jennings


Thank you for joining us and for supporting LoveLane Radio.  Our musical road trip continues Southward and we hope you enjoy two more classic songs from Judy Garland and Wilbert Harrison.   These are for you, Rick.


SONG 30 Meet Me In St. Louis Judy Garland

SONG 31 Kansas City Wilbert Harrison


And while we are in the Kansas area I’d like to play for you one of my all-time favorite songs, a Jimmy Webb composition performed by Glen Campbell.  This song melts my heart.


SONG 32 Wichita Lineman Glen Campbell


This next song is dedicated to my parents.  They met in a 5th Grade Oklahoma City classroom and my Mom was the new girl from Muskogee.  According to my Dad, when she was introduced he immediately knew she was the girl for him.  They were high school sweethearts and happily married for 63 years until my Dad’s passing.  From Mr. Merle Haggard, here is “Okie From Muskogee.”


SONG 33 Okie From Muskogee Merle Haggard 


Our LoveLane musical tour now brings us to the Cities of Texas and once again there is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to good music.  I hope you enjoy these standouts from Blake Shelton, Marty Robbins, and to kick off this set the “King of Country” himself, Mr. George Straight:


SONG 34 Amarillo By Morning George Strait

SONG 35 El Paso Marty Robbins

SONG 36 Austin Blake Shelton


Two more tunes from the heart of Texas are “San Antone” by Denny Brooks and “Dallas” by The Flatlanders.  “San Antone” has been featured in several movies and “Dallas” was on Rolling Stone’s list of the Greatest Country Songs of All Time.


SONG 37 San Antone Denny Brooks

SONG 38 Dallas The Flatlanders


Next we have a double feature from Glen Campbell, which are two more successful partnerships with composer Jimmy Webb.  The first is another love song about a Texas City, and the second is a timeless classic about Phoenix and Albuquerque.  I saw Glen’s excellent documentary film “I’ll Be Me” about his struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease and I applaud his courage as well as his family’s.  This disease has impacted so many lives.  Thank you, Glen.  Here are “Galveston” and “By The Time I Get To Phoenix.”


SONG 37 Galveston Glen Campbell

SONG 38 By The Time I Get To Phoenix Glen Campbell


In addition to Phoenix and Albuquerque, here are two more songs about Arizona and New Mexico cities.  Folks in Winslow, Arizona, miss Glenn Frey and are Eagle fans, while people in Santa Fe appreciate their Bellamy Brothers song.


SONG 39 Take It Easy Eagles

SONG 40 Santa Fe The Bellamy Brothers


Salt Lake City holds a special place in Beach Boy hearts because Utah was the first State outside of California to play their music.  Here’s The Beach Boys with the song they wrote for their enthusiastic fans in Salt Lake.  This one’s for you, Sweet James.


SONG 41 Salt Lake City The Beach Boys


As our LoveLane musical City tour heads to Colorado and beyond, here is John Denver singing about his beloved Aspen, followed by Willie Nelson praising Denver, and then Willie’s classic road trip song, “On the Road Again.”


SONG 42 Aspenglow John Denver

SONG 43 Denver Willie Nelson

SONG 44 On the Road Again Willie Nelson 


Gotta include this next favorite in our tour….it’s Elvis….time to dance!


SONG 45 Viva Las Vegas Elvis Presley


Our next song is about the beautiful City of Seattle.  It was a big hit for Perry Como, and later for Bobby Sherman when he was a heartthrob on the TV show “Here Comes the Brides.”  The Mariners were going to play Perry’s version for their 7th Inning Stretch song but decided to go with Washington’s unofficial State song “Louie, Louie,” because it packs more punch.  I had a handsome tuxedo cat who adored Perry Como.  He would ignore most music but when Perry was singing, his paws were in the air and he went into a state of cat nirvana.  This one’s for you, J.B.  Here’s Perry…


SONG 46 Seattle Perry Como


LoveLaners in Portland like this pretty song about their pretty City.  Here is Esperanza Spalding with “City of Roses.”


SONG 47 City of Roses Esperanza Spalding


Next up on our musical tour itinerary is Nome, Alaska, and a classic western tune from Johnny Horton.


SONG 48 North To Alaska Johnny Horton


LoveLane Radio now crosses the ocean to Leeward Coast in Oahu, Hawaii, which is featured in the popular song “Island Style” by John Cruz.  I’d like to dedicate this song to my friends Genie and Jeff.


SONG 49 Island Style John Cruz


Our LoveLane American City musical road trip is nearing its end in resplendent California.  Dionne Warwick partnered beautifully with composer Burt Bacharach and lyricist Hal David and together they recorded many hit records.  From 1968, here is the lovely and talented Miss Warwick.


SONG 50 Do You Know the Way To San Jose? Dionne Warwick


Next are two songs about Los Angeles, and although they could hardly be more different I love them both.  One is a fun singalong by Randy Newman, and the other is a sublime and touching love song featuring Art Garfunkel’s exquisite voice.  I love to play Art’s song when driving up the scenic California coastline.  Here are Randy and Art.


SONG 51 I Love L.A. Randy Newman

SONG 52 99 Miles From L.A. Art Garfunkel


Our musical tour closes with the legendary Tony Bennett singing his signature song.  He just celebrated his 90th birthday and he’s still going strong!  Others have sung this song beautifully but only Tony’s version gives me chills.  Speaking of chills, if you’re in the romantic City of San Francisco on a chilly night, I hope you can snuggle with someone, sip an Irish Coffee and enjoy the spectacular view!  Here is the fabulous Mr. Bennett. 


SONG 53 I Left My Heart In San Francisco Tony Bennett


Thank you, Tony!  This is your host Linda Davison signing off for now.  I hope you enjoyed our musical American City road trip as much as I did.  We welcome your feedback and value your support.  Until next time, I hope you are living Life in the LoveLane.