Episode 6 | American Road Trip Sweet States

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American Road Trip Sweet States

In this show we take a musical journey through America and showcase your favorite songs inspired by our States.
If you’re longing for “Moonlight in Vermont,” pining for a “Tennessee Waltz” or “California Dreamin'” take a mental vacation with us!



Back In the USA | Linda Ronstadt (00:01:02)
New York State of Mind | Billy Joel (00:03:57)
Rhode Island is Famous For You | Blossom Dearie (00:09:55)
Weekend In New England | Barry Manilow (00:12:04)
King Of the Road | Roger Miller (00:15:45)
Moonlight In Vermont | Willie Nelson (00:18:07)
Pennsylvania Polka | The Andrews Sisters (00:21:40)
Jersey Bounce | Ella Fitzgerald (00:23:58)
Under the Boardwalk | The Drifters (00:27:33)
Virginia Moon | Foo Fighters with Nora Jones (00:30:16)
Carolina In My Mind | James Taylor (00:34:03)
Georgia On My Mind | Ray Charles (00:37:47)
Rainy Night In Georgia | Brook Benton (00:41:19)
Me and You and a Dog Named Boo | Lobo (00:45:05)
Key Largo | Bertie Higgins (00:47:53)
Sweet Home Alabama | Lynyrd Skynyrd (00:50:52)
Mississippi | Sheryl Crow (00:55:25)
I’ve Been Everywhere | Johnny Cash (01:00:09)
Arkansas Lovin’ Man | Johnny Cash (01:03:14)
Tennessee Waltz | Patsy Cline (01:06:00)
A Cloud Like Kentucky | Black Sage (01:09:04)
Blue Moon of Kentucky | Elvis Presley (01:12:02)
Kentucky Rain | Elvis Presley (01:14:03)
Take Me Home Country Roads | John Denver (01:17:14)
Ohio | Doris Day (01:20:20)
Theme From the Cider House Rules | Rachel Portman (01:23:23)
North Dakota | Lyle Lovett (01:25:32)
Wildfire | Michael Murphy (01:31:07)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow | Judy Garland (01:35:58)
You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma | David Frizzell & Shelly West (01:38:41)
That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas) | Lyle Lovett (01:42:16)
The Yellow Rose (of Texas) | Johnny Lee & Lane Brody (01:47:07)
Texas On a Saturday Night | Willie Nelson & Mel Tillis (01:50:16)
Rocky Mountain High (Colorado) | John Denver (01:52:50)
The Emperor of Wyoming | Neil Young (01:57:25)
On the Road | John Denver (02:00:04)
Louie, Louie | The Kingsmen (02:02:57)
Arizona | Mark Lindsay (02:05:40)
California Girls | The Beach Boys (02:08:47)
California Dreamin’ | The Mamas & The Papas (02:11:13)
California Stars | Bob Seger (02:13:44)
California | Phantom Planet (02:18:17)
Alaska and Me | John Denver (02:21:31)
These Islands | Danny Couch (02:24:22)





Hello LoveLaners!  I’m your host Linda Davison and I’d like to welcome you to Listener Supported LoveLane Radio, where we celebrate life with love and joy.


We’re recording this show in September, the start of Spring for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, and Fall for those of us in the North.  Wherever you are in the world, September is a good time for a journey, to start a new adventure and witness beauty as our seasons change.

For this epic Episode, I thought it might be fun to take a musical road trip through America’s 50 States.  We’re featuring songs from New York to Hawaii, so if you don’t have time to listen to the entire show, feel free to check the Song List and listen to songs a Region at a time.  You may want to listen to Southern songs one day and Northwest songs the next.  However you travel, I hope you enjoy your musical journey with us!

 Let’s get our wheels turning with the lovely Linda Ronstadt…


SONG 1 Back in the USA Linda Ronstadt


If Linda just touched down on an International runway, let’s make our first stop the multi-faceted State of New York.  From New York City and the coastline, through the Hudson River Valley and up to Niagara Falls, it’s a place of contrasts, with urban excitement and peaceful farmlands.  Here’s a tribute from native son, Billie Joel.


SONG 2 New York State of Mind Billy Joel


Ya gotta love our next tune; this cute little song from jazz singer Blossom Dearie is a mini musical road trip in itself!


SONG 3 Rhode Island Is Famous For You Blossom Dearie


While we travel the LoveLane through beautiful New England, this Barry Manilow favorite reminds us of Connecticut and Massachusetts.


SONG 4 Weekend in New England Barry Manilow


For lovely Maine, here’s a quintessential road trip song from Roger Miller.


SONG 5 King of the Road Roger Miller


This next song is magnificent, like its subject, and it could also have been written about its resplendent neighbor New Hampshire.  In honor of both States, here is Willie Nelson.


SONG 6 Moonlight in Vermont Willie Nelson


Heading South, we could pass through one of my favorite States, Pennsylvania.  This next song reminds me of Harold Ramis’ wonderful movie, “Groundhog Day” which features Bill Murray, Andie McDowell and of course, Punxsutawney Phil.  Here are the adorable Andrews Sisters with “The Pennsylvania Polka.”


SONG 7 Pennsylvania Polka The Andrews Sisters


I have many happy memories of The Garden State – Pennsylvania’s neighbor, New Jersey.  I hope you enjoy this song from the legendary Miss Ella Fitzgerald.


SONG 8 Jersey Bounce Ella Fitzgerald


As we continue our 50-State musical road trip, let’s tip our hat to Washington D.C. and listen to this Drifters classic as we imagine the scenic coastlines of Delaware and Maryland.


SONG 9 Under the Boardwalk The Drifters


Just South of our Nation’s capital is magnificent and historic Virginia.  The lovely and accomplished Miss Norah Jones joined the Foo Fighters to record this deliciously romantic song.


SONG 10 Virginia Moon Foo Fighters with Norah Jones


The weather gets warmer as the LoveLane heads towards North and South Carolina.  Here is the brilliant and compassionate Mr. James Taylor fondly remembering these States.


SONG 11 Carolina in my Mind James Taylor


I absolutely love two songs about Georgia and because I couldn’t decide which to play, I hope you will enjoy both.  Both of these songs melt my heart.  For your listening pleasure, here are Ray Charles and Brook Benton.


SONG 12 Georgia on my Mind Ray Charles

SONG 13 Rainy Night in Georgia Brook Benton


I love this road trip song about a couple and their dog traveling to Georgia, Minnesota and California.  For those of us with 4-legged friends, this is dedicated to the Furry LoveLaners!


SONG 14 Me and You and A Dog Named Boo Lobo


For sunny Florida, we’ll play a wistful hit from Bertie Higgins.


SONG 15 Key Largo Bertie Higgins


As featured in the Academy Award-winning movie “Forrest Gump” with Tom Hanks, you may find yourself dancing to “Sweet Home Alabama.”


SONG 16 Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd



As we travel the LoveLane through Mississippi, I hope you enjoy this delightful version of Bob Dylan’s song, by the pretty and talented Miss Sheryl Crow.


SONG 17 Mississippi Sheryl Crow


To salute the great States of Iowa, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wisconsin, we have a Johnny Cash classic.  See if you can catch “everywhere” he’s been!  The second song in our Johnny Cash double feature is a tune about his home State of Arkansas.


SONG 18 I’ve Been Everywhere Johnny Cash

SONG 19 Arkansas Lovin’ Man Johnny Cash


Our next song is for LoveLaners in Tennessee.  I’ll let the legend herself, Miss Patsy Cline, introduce it.


SONG 20 Tennessee Waltz Patsy Cline


I hope you’re having as much fun as I am on LoveLane Radio’s musical road trip!  Kentucky created another creative quandary for this show, as once again there are so many stellar songs!  We settled on three.  I have a soft spot for Elvis Presley’s song, “Kentucky Rain.”  I also included a song from what may be the best road trip movie ever, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”- Steve Martin and John Candy sing “Blue Moon of Kentucky” in a topless car as they try to get home for Thanksgiving, and Elvis Presley’s Sun Records version is classic.  To start the set is the sweet “A Cloud Like Kentucky,” which was written and performed by one of my beautiful and talented sisters, Kathy, with her band Black Sage.  Here is a triple treat for Kentucky!


SONG 21 A Cloud Like Kentucky Black Sage

SONG 22 Blue Moon of Kentucky Elvis Presley

SONG 23 Kentucky Rain Elvis Presley


I was blessed with parents who took our family on many road trips and I have happy memories of my Dad singing our next song as we traveled.   Here is John Denver’s hit record about “almost heaven, West Virginia.”


SONG 24 Take Me Home Country Roads John Denver


As our LoveLane winds through Ohio, I hope you enjoy this song from a darling Ohio native, Miss Doris Day.


SONG 25 Ohio Doris Day


For Michigan, this extraordinary music was written for the film “The Cider House Rules” and is currently heard as the theme for the “Pure Michigan” tourism campaign.  Someday I want to visit Mackinac Island and the Grand Hotel where the movie “Somewhere in Time” was filmed.   Jane Seymour and the late, great Christopher Reeve – so romantic! 


SONG 26 Theme from The Cider House Rules Rachel Portman


Our musical road trip continues on the LoveLane through the great American Midwest.  Earlier in our show, Johnny Cash and Blossom Dearie sang about this Region, including Idaho, Nevada and the Dakotas. 


For North Dakota and Nebraska, here are two pretty love songs from Lyle Lovett and Michael Murphy.


SONG 27 North Dakota Lyle Lovett

SONG 28 Wildfire Michael Murphy


In honor of Kansas and my parents’ home state of Oklahoma, I hope you enjoy these touching tunes – Judy Garland’s signature song from “The Wizard of Oz” and a duet featuring David Frizzell and Shelly West.


SONG 29 Somewhere Over the Rainbow Judy Garland

SONG 30 You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma David Frizzell and Shelly West


As the LoveLane travels to my home State of Texas, we find that there are a large number of songs about this large State!  It was tough but we narrowed it down to three.  Although Lane Brody was born in Illinois and Mel Tillis in Florida, they joined lifelong Texans Lyle Lovett, Johnny Lee and Willie Nelson for these favorite Texas tunes!


SONG 31 That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas) Lyle Lovett

SONG 32 The Yellow Rose (of Texas) Johnny Lee and Lane Brody

SONG 33 Texas On a Saturday Night Willie Nelson and Mel Tillis


Thank you for supporting our worldwide radio station and Life in the LoveLane!  As we head Northwest, here is a timeless song from John Denver about his beloved Colorado. 


SONG 34 Rocky Mountain High (Colorado) John Denver


For Wyoming, Neil Young crafted an instrumental piece with a country feel called “The Emperor of Wyoming.”


SONG 35 The Emperor of Wyoming Neil Young


Moving up to Montana, we hope you enjoy John Denver’s song about a childhood road trip where he was impressed with both the natural beauty, and the cute girls, in Montana and other Western States.  John’s Air Force Officer father married his “Oklahoma Sweetheart” and John was born in New Mexico.  He moved to many States as his Dad was transferred and as you can tell from this Show he wrote many songs about his travels.  Here is John’s Montana song, “On the Road.”


SONG 36 On the Road John Denver


Part of the joy in a journey is experiencing new cultures, and it’s interesting to see how a State’s culture can be reflected in a song.  For the artistic and lighthearted States of Washington and Oregon, here is the ultimate party song, “Louie, Louie.”  It is the unofficial State song of Washington, because the record’s production started there, and since the song was recorded by Portland’s own Kingsmen, we salute both States with this classic hit!  Time to dance!


SONG 37 Louie, Louie The Kingsmen


Our next song is about a woman named Arizona rather than the State, but it’s still a great sing-along for Arizona LoveLaners!


SONG 38 Arizona Mark Lindsay


As the LoveLane arrives in California, we find another extraordinary State with a plethora of wonderful songs written about it!  California is stunning and so diverse in landscape and people it is fitting that these songs are all appealing and yet so different from each other.  “From the mountains, to the prairies to the oceans white with foam”, we hope you enjoy the Beach Boys, The Mamas & The Papas, a Woody Guthrie song sung by Bob Seger, and a newer tune from Phantom Planet.


SONG 39 California Girls The Beach Boys

SONG 40 California Dreamin’ The Mamas & The Papas

SONG 41 California Stars Bob Seger

SONG 42 California Phantom Planet


Although John Denver enjoyed touring throughout America and the world, you can tell he had a special love for the Western United States, including the resplendent State of Alaska.  This one is for my friends Carol and Jon.


SONG 43 Alaska and Me John Denver


Last but certainly not least on LoveLane’s 50-State musical tour is our lush and exquisite State of Hawaii.  Take a mental vacation, relax and enjoy this song written and sung by native son Danny Couch, called “These Islands.”  I’d like to thank my Navy veteran friend Joe for recommending this song.


SONG 44 These Islands Danny Couch


Mahalo, Danny!   


Thank you for joining us on our 50-State musical road trip!  We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations.  For listeners on Facebook and Twitter, thank you for following LoveLane Radio.  I hope you return for our next show which will feature the best American City songs.  Until then, this is your host Linda Davison saying goodbye for now, and I hope you are living Life in the LoveLane.  Aloha!