Episode 4 | Smooth Sailing

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Smooth Sailing

Join us for a romantic cruise as the LoveLane travels the “Sea of Love” with tender tunes about the ocean and boating.  If you’re having someone special over for dinner and dancing (especially a mariner!) this show is a wonderful choice.



26 Miles (Santa Catalina) | The Four Preps (00:01:09)
Sailboat In the Moonlight | Billie Holiday (00:03:25)
Beyond the Sea | Bobby Darin (00:06:24)
Harbor Lights | The Platters (00:09:15)
Red Sails In the Sunset | The Platters (00:12:14)
Michael Row the Boat Ashore | The Highwaymen (00:14:35)
The Summer Wind | Frank Sinatra (00:17:14)
A Ship Without a Sail | Seth MacFarlane (00:20:20)
Ebb Tide | John Gary (00:24:32)
Sailor | Petula Clark (00:27:38)
The Last Farewell | Roger Whittaker (00:30:30)
On a Slow Boat to China | Ella Fitzgerald (00:34:20)
By the Beautiful Sea | Jessica Molaskey (00:36:37)
Dreamboat Annie | Heart (00:38:34)
Cool Change | Little River Band (00:40:24)
Sailing to Paradise | Pablo Cruise (00:45:14)
Sailin’ the Wind | Loggins & Messina (00:48:28)
Watching the River Run | Loggins & Messina (00:54:20)
Sailing | Christopher Cross (00:57:44)
Sea of Love | The Honeydrippers (01:01:52)
Sail On | Commodores (01:05:11)
Kokomo | The Beach Boys (01:09:08)
Key Largo | Bertie Higgins (01:12:33)
These Islands | Danny Couch (01:15:31)
Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) | Enya (01:20:21)
For the Love of You | Whitney Houston (01:24:29)
Breezin’ | George Benson (01:29:40)
Smooth Sailin’ | T.G. Sheppard (01:34:56)
Harbor Lights | Boz Scaggs (01:38:01)

 Show Script

Hello and welcome back to LoveLane Radio where we celebrate Life in the LoveLane.  I’m your host Linda Davison.  We record our shows in Southern California and people here are always boating and sailing for fun or fish, and hoping to see whales, dolphins and other marine life. 

I thought you might enjoy two different sailing Shows.  This one, “Smooth Sailing,” will feature romantic and relaxing melodies, and the next will be “Saltwater Sailing” complete with sailor sing- and dance-alongs.  Maybe listen to our Smooth show when you’re feeling like Robinson Crusoe, and Saltwater when you’re feeling more like Popeye!

Our first song is dedicated to my friends Marian and Drew.  Drew’s boat was lovingly made out of wood in Stockton in 1947.  I won’t share his boat’s name but I think Marian was his inspiration!  This tune about their favorite destination was a hit in 1958 and is still popular today; here are The Four Preps. 


SONG 1 26 Miles (Santa Catalina) The Four Preps

This next song is older than Drew’s boat.  The lovely Miss Billie Holidays sings, “Sailboat in the Moonlight.”


SONG 2 Sailboat in the Moonlight Billie Holiday


Here’s a timeless 50’s classic, this one from Bobby Darin.  “Beyond the Sea” was the movie title for Kevin Spacey’s portrayal of Bobby Darin.  Some critics said that Kevin’s voice was almost better than Bobby’s!  Here’s the original, from Mr. Darin himself.


SONG 3 Beyond the Sea Bobby Darin


Next up are two Smooth Sailing melodies from The Platters in 1960.  If you can slow dance and sail at the same time, feel free!


SONG 4 Harbor Lights The Platters

SONG 5 Red Sales in the Sunset The Platters


Next, from 1961, here is a #1 hit from the folk group, The Highwaymen.


SONG 6 Michael Row the Boat Ashore The Highwaymen


LoveLane’s Smooth Sailing continues with Mr. Frank Sinatra and this 1966 classic.  One of Frank’s nicknames was “Ol’ Blue Eyes” because his striking eyes were the deep blue color of the ocean.  Singing about ocean breezes, here’s Frank….


SONG 7 The Summer Wind Frank Sinatra


Frank sings about Autumn in that tune, which is right around the corner here in the Northern Hemisphere.  If you’re one of our listeners in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope you enjoy a beautiful Spring! 

Singing melodies written by the stellar musical theatre team of Rodgers and Hart, here is a man of many talents, comedy creator Seth MacFarlane, and Mr. John Gary.  John is not well known but he is a hidden treasure; he had an incredible vocal range and was Elvis and Frank Sinatra’s favorite.


SONG 8 A Ship Without a Sail Seth MacFarlane

SONG 9 Ebb Tide John Gary


Thank you for joining LoveLane Radio for our Smoothing Sailing show.  Next on our journey is the lovely Miss Petula Clark, wanting her sailor to come home, and Roger Whittaker as a sailor saying goodbye to the woman he loves.  Petula’s “Sailor” song was originally recorded in German by Viennese singer Lolita in 1959.  When Petula released her English language version in 1961, she scored her first #1 hit in the UK.  Here are two talented Brits, Petula and Roger….


SONG 10 Sailor (Your Home is the Sea) Petula Clark

SONG 11 The Last Farewell Roger Whittaker


Our romantic sail continues with the legendary Ella Fitzgerald and the very talented Miss Jessica Molaskey.  “By the Sea” was originally recorded in 1914 and was a World War I hit!  Jessica does an adorable update.  I hope you enjoy both of these ocean songs.


SONG 12 On a Slow Boat to China Ella Fitzgerald

SONG 13 By The Beautiful Sea Jessica Molaskey


Next is a gorgeous song from Heart, led by Ann and Nancy Wilson.  Here is “Dreamboat Annie.”


SONG 14 Dreamboat Annie Heart


Thank you for sharing Life in the LoveLane with us.  Time for a “Cool Change” with the Little River Band.  This song is so beautiful it can make me cry.  Enjoy –


SONG 15 Cool Change Little River Band


I hope you are savoring our musical journey as much as I am.  Let’s continue our Smooth Sailing with Pablo Cruise, followed by two tunes from the Loggins & Messina album, “Full Sail.”


SONG 16 Sailing to Paradise Pablo Cruise

SONG 17 Sailin’ The Wind Loggins & Messina

SONG 18 Watching the River Run Loggins & Messina


Our show continues with the quintessential sailing song, written and recorded by Christopher Cross.


SONG 19 Sailing Christopher Cross


Next up is Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant singing with his group, The Honeydrippers.


SONG 20 Sea of Love The Honeydrippers


You’re listening to LoveLane Radio’s Smooth Sailing show.  Our next song is another 80’s hit, this one from the Commodores.  Lionel Richie was not only the Commodores’ lead singer, he also wrote many of their songs, like this one.  In 2016 Lionel was awarded the Songwriter Hall of Fame’s highest honor, the Johnny Mercer Award, reserved for artists who uphold the “gold standard” established by American songbook icon Mercer.  Here are the Commodores with Lionel’s composition, “Sail On”….


SONG 21 Sail On Commodores


As we “Sail On” like the Commodores, let’s head towards tropical waters.   It’s time for a mango tea or pina colada as we daydream about the imaginary tropical paradise of Kokomo, as well as real destinations of lush beauty, Key Largo and Hawaii. 


SONG 22 Kokomo The Beach Boys

SONG 23 Key Largo Bertie Higgins

SONG 24 These Islands Danny Couch


Thank you for supporting LoveLane Radio.  Next we have an Irish lass whose composition about sailing became a Top 10 hit in ten different countries.  Here is Enya.


SONG 25 Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) Enya


As we head towards the sunset, I hope you enjoy these smooth sailing melodies from extraordinary talents Whitney Houston and George Benson.


SONG 26 For the Love of You Whitney Houston

SONG 27 Breezin’ George Benson


LoveLane’s Smooth Sailing Show had to include this next song by T.G. Sheppard – it’s called “Smooth Sailin’!”


SONG 28 Smooth Sailin’ T.G. Sheppard


Thank you for Smooth Sailing with us.  We appreciate your support of LoveLane Radio and welcome your comments and suggestions.  I’d like to close this Show with one of my favorite romantic songs, from Boz Scaggs’ extraordinary “Silk Degrees” album.  To play us out, here is Boz with “Harbor Lights.”  Until next time, this is your host Linda Davison saying goodbye for now and I hope you are living Life in the LoveLane.


SONG 29 Harbor Lights Boz Scaggs